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Valley View Community Primary School

Pastoral Care Team

Pastoral and Behaviour Team


Mrs H Dowling

Y4 and Y5 Teacher,


I have been working in schools since 2004.

I like it that every day is different when working in a school. You never know what might happen next!

The best thing was when a Year 1 child said, "You are like the princess in this book!"

The word that describes me as a professional?   'Enthusiastic'.






Mrs J Hudson

Learning Mentor & Higher Level Teaching Assistant

I have worked in schools since 1999.

What I like about my job is seeing children grow.

My funniest moment is when Mrs Dowling and I did a big art lesson involving mod roc (plaster of Paris on bandage sheets).  I had never used mod roc before, and thought I would 'help' by cleaning up afterwards.  There was mod roc dust everywhere, and I mopped the floor with a wet mop - meaning that the floors were white with plaster dust, and there were footprints all around the school.  I'm not sure if I'll ever be allowed the mod roc out again!


The best word to describe me is 'Happy'.



Mrs J Johnston

Teaching Assistant


I have been working in schools for 17 years.

I love helping children achieve their best, not only academically, but personally.  I love to interact with children of all abilities including those with SEN, social and emotional needs and those who have behaviour needs.  It’s challenging at times, but overall, the respect is always there.  My job goes beyond just teaching knowledge and skills – it’s about making  a personal connection with children.

A word to describe me is 'Supportive'.




Mrs L Staveley

Teaching Assistant

I have been working in schools since 2012.

I enjoy working at Valley View as everyone is so helpful and friendly. I find working in the school environment such a rewarding job, just the little everyday things that mean so much to some children make me smile. The best thing for me about working at Valley View is the feeling of togetherness. All the staff look out for each other and the children are so friendly and happy that it makes it a joy to come to work.

If I had to describe myself I would say I am patient and caring.