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School Uniform Policy

We believe that wearing school uniform is important and as such we are very keen to support all our families in providing uniform guidance.

The school colour is green and below you will see guidelines for boys and girls.

Girls' Uniform

Girls can wear a grey skirt, grey trousers or a grey pinafore. They should also wear white shirts or white or green polo shirts and green sweatshirts, jumpers or cardigans. These can be with or without a logo. In summer girls can wear green school summer dresses and may need a hat for sun protection.

Boys' Uniform

Boys should wear grey trousers with a white or green polo shirt or a white school shirt. In addition children should wear a bottle green sweatshirt with (or without) the school logo. Children need to wear sensible shoes and will need a pair of indoor shoes such as pumps. In summer boys can wear grey shorts instead of trousers and may need a cap or hat for sun protection.

Year 6 Uniform

As our oldest children who often perform "prefect" duties for the school, Year 6 children may wear a black sweatshirt with (or without) the school logo, in recognition of their extra responsibilities and them getting ready for high school.

Nursery Uniform

Our youngest children in our school nursery wear an emerald green sweatshirt or cardigan with (or without) the school logo, and their t-shirts are lemon yellow.


For PE sessions we ask that children have a pair of green shorts and a plain white T shirt. These are available at the school office with a green PE kit bag. Children will need pumps for indoor PE lessons and these can be the same ones that are used inside the classroom.

For outdoor PE lessons from Year 1 upwards, children need a pair of plain green, grey or black tracksuit bottoms or their green PE shorts. They can also wear a plain grey, green or black sweatshirt or jumper. This could be their school jumper.  They will also need a pair of trainers.


We expect our children to dress smartly for school and we ask for long hair to be tied up. We ask that children do not have their hair shaven with patterns or designs and for safety reasons we say no jewellery. In the summer we ask that families make sure that children’s shoes are safe and sturdy and are not open backed. If school staff consider that children’s shoes or pumps are unsafe, we may have to restrict the activities the children take part in.

All our uniform is now available through Uniformity who are based on Farsley Town Street (opposite the church). For those parents and carers who don't have transport or would find it easier uniform can be ordered through school and will be delivered on Fridays.

Please click on the link below for a copy of the uniform order form which should be completed and brought back to school with payment if you wish to order through school.

Word icon Uniform Order Form