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Lower Key Stage 2 Team



Mrs J Scott

Lower Key Stage 2 Leader &

Y4 Loxley Class Teacher


I have worked in schools since 2002, mainly with Years 5 and 6.

The best thing about teaching is sharing in the children's successes and being a part of their learning journey. I love it when a child tries and tries to understand something and then, in a moment, has a sudden 'light-bulb moment'. These are, for me, the most special times.

I also love working collaboratively and am lucky that at Valley View we all work so well together as a team. I have many good memories, but think my fondest have been taking the children abroad. Not only have I had the opportunity to visit some places I have never been before, but I have shared in the delight of the children as they experience new places. 

A word I feel best describes me is 'Honest'. 




Mrs D Mallett

Y3 Hebble Class Teacher


I started working in schools in 2001, and have worked at Valley View since it opened.

I love working in our school because the children are great and we have a lot of fun and the staff work as a team.

The funniest things that have happened are when I got locked in the PE cupboard at a Rainbow Party; I had custard poured on me when my class all teamed up to buy tokens; and when I set the alarm off in the disabled toilet at South Leeds Stadium when at a football competition. (I thought it was the light switch!)

A word to describe me - 'busy'!





 Miss F Poxon

Y3 Humber Class Teacher





I’ve been working in schools as a teacher since 2012, although before that, I was a teaching assistant. I’ve worked in schools in both Leeds and Bradford and mostly with Key Stage Two children.

My favourite aspect of working in a school is how varied every day is and that there’s never a dull moment. I love seeing children grow and progress and am proud to be part of their learning journey.

 The best moments are the light bulb moments when a child who has been having difficulty comes to me with a big beaming smile on their face after realising they can do it.

My funniest moment was going to read a story to a Year One class while dressed at Boudicca, in blue face paint and an orange wig. The Year One children were dressed as aliens and had been hoping to scare me, the opposite effect may have occurred!

The word that describes me as a professional?  'Conscientious.'


 Mrs J Murphy

Y3 Hebble Class Senior Teaching Assistant


I have worked in schools for a long time - since 1994!

I like working in a school and being in contact with different children and their personalities. The laughter in the classroom, the hugs in the corridor from children who have moved on into a different class. I love the lightbulb moment when after a struggle an understanding smile spreads across the child’s face.

One of the best things I love is the residential to Lineham Farm. When at Lineham Farm a few years ago I was challenged to climb Jacob’s Ladder. I have to say it is one of the bravest things I have done.  I am so fortunate to have been on all of the Year 4 residentials as well as travelling to the Czech Republic on Valley View's first residential abroad. 

Being part of the unscripted staff Pantomimes was a funny experience where nobody knew what was going on or what to say.

I would describe myself as being a team player, with a caring personality.



Mrs A Fennelly

Y4 Limley Class Teacher 


I have been working in schools for 8 years.

I love my job because every day is different. You never know what’s around the corner and this makes it fun, challenging but most of all exciting.

One of the best parts about working in schools has got to be seeing children grow in confidence and enjoying their learning. It is also amazing to see children achieve and progress throughout the year. By the end of each academic year I always feel proud of what all the children have achieved.

A word to describe me is 'Caring'.





Mrs E Riley

Y4 Limley Class Senior Teaching Assistant


I have been working in schools for about eight years.  If I am honest, I have lost count as the years have gone so fast!

I enjoy working at Valley View because every day is different, it is never boring.  I enjoy helping and watching the children achieve and grow into independent learners.

There have been many funny things happen to me whilst working in a school.  Everyday makes me smile.  As I am a first aider, lots of the children are sent to me when they have fallen over or have had a minor accident.  Lots of children have asked me, “Are you a doctor?!”  This always makes me smile.

A word to describe me would be 'Enthusiastic'.




Mrs H Dowling

Y4 Teacher and SENCo


I have been working in schools since 2004.

I like it that every day is different when working in a school. You never know what might happen next!

The best thing was when a Year 1 child said, "You are like the princess in this book!"

The word that describes me as a professional?   'Enthusiastic'.






Mrs A Dalgleish

Y4 Loxley Class Teaching Assistant

I started working at Valley View in 2011.  Before this I spent a year volunteering with the charity, Beanstalk, which works to improve reading in primary school children.

The children and staff are what makes Valley View such a great place to be.  I am proud to be a small cog in the machine that helps give children the skills they’ll need for a successful future.

The best thing has to be watching the progress that every child makes – watching them grow in confidence and social skills, as well as abilities.  Being a part of those “penny-drop” moments is a real pleasure.

A word to describe me is ‘Supportive’.




Mrs V Woodward

Spanish Teacher

I have been working at Valley View Primary for 3 years teaching Spanish to children in Years 3,4,5 and 6.

The children are always very keen to learn and enthusiastic, especially when we are singing our favourite songs in Spanish. They always enjoy our role play drama activities.

I enjoyed our Spanish Day last year when in assembly all the children sang our Greeting song – ‘Buenas dias!’

A word to describe me: 'Organised'!