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Limley Class

Limley Class

Humber Class Learning Journey 2019-2020

5 March 2019

Humber Class had a wonderful time getting stuck into World Book Day. We learnt about the illustrator, Eric Carle and how he creates his stunning illustrations. We even had a go at creating a character from a fable, the Lion, in the style of Eric Carle.


22 January 2019

We are absolutely loving our Ancient Egypt topic. We have been to Leeds City Museum and saw a real mummy there; it was incredible! We also took part in a workshop where we learnt about mummification, canopic jars and we even made our own amulets out of a specific clay.

We were also really lucky to have a visit from Anabel Gaskin. She set up a whole topic day for us and taught us so much. We thoroughly enjoyed the different activities she set up for us. Did you know that the Ancient Egyptians used toothbrushes and toothpaste? We got to make some ancient Egyptian toothpaste and the ingredients were : pepper corns, salt, iris root and mint. We had to grind all the ingredients in a pestle and mortar, which was really tricky! 

We are really looking forward to continuing this topic! 

10 January 2019

We have started learning about Ancient Egypt in Year 3 and we are absolutely loving this topic! Children have produced some wonderful homework on the topic and everyone is looking forward to our trip to Leeds City Museum. 

12 December 2019

Bravo! This week, Year 3 put on a wonderful Christmas Performance (An Out Of This World Christmas) for children, staff and parents/family. They were all brilliant actors and actresses and sang all the songs beautifully. They had all worked so hard in rehearsals and should be very proud of their achievements. Well done, Year 3! 

29 November 2019

Christmas has arrived in Humber Class! The elves were busy on Friday night, creating a special reading advent calendar for the children, ready for Monday 2nd December. The children get to discover and read a new book everyday in the run up to Christmas. 

15 November 2019

This term we have started learning about the Stone Age! We are really enjoying this topic and have had a look at some incredible artefacts. We noticed that some of the artefacts that we have looked at also feature in our class novel, Stig of the Dump. It has been amazing to see and feel objects that we have read about, especially because these objects are extremely old! 

24 October 2019

We have been really lucky this week, as we got to watch Year 5 perform their Shakespeare play of Macbeth. It was so great to watch and to hear all the complex Shakespearean language. We definitely learnt some new words! We really enjoyed the 'battle' scene and felt that it was the perfect time to perform such a play, as it is nearly Halloween!

10 October 2019

We have really been enjoying our Real PE lessons! We find them very challenging but rewarding. We have to use our Growth Mindset, especially our persevering key. We have really enjoyed learning new skills and have been applying them in all of our PE lessons.

26 September 2019

In preparation for the Macmillan Coffee Morning, Humber Class got technical and were given a 'Bake Off' challenge! The children were given the challenge of feathering their icing on a biscuit. They had such a good time learning a new skill and the biscuits looked great! 


13 September 2019

Welcome to Humber Class! We have all settled in really well after the summer holidays and have been really busy! This year we are learning a lot of new things and we are particularly excited about our Chess lessons. We look forward to these lessons every week and we will definitely keep you updated on our progress with chess throughout the year!