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Valley View Community Primary School

Washburn Class 2017-2018

Washburn Class 2017-2018

 21st June 2018

Year 6 thoroughly enjoyed their visit to Yorkshire Wildlife Park. We learnt about evolution and had time to look at all the animals. The wallabies were a definite hit!

7th June 2018

This week Washburn class have enjoyed painting in the style of Japanese artist Hokusai. They looked at his painting of 'The Great Wave of Kanagawa', discussed the foreground, mid-ground and background and then used pencil drawing to recreate the image. they then mixed colours and used a range of painting techniques to get their desired finish. They were even allowed to borrow 'teacher pens' to add finishing touches! 

17th May 2018

We were all very proud of Year 6 this week! They worked so hard during the tests and persevered when the going got tough. They came in with big smiles each morning - helped by the breakfast they enjoyed together before each test! Well done Year 6!


10 May 2018

Best of luck with the SATs tests. You have all worked so hard this year and I am extremely proud of you all!


At the moment, you’re doing a lot of English and Maths, but you’ve got lots of other skills. Unfortunately, SATs don’t test these. They don’t test whether you’re a creative person, good at I.T. or brilliant with animals. They don’t test your speaking skills or whether you’re fantastic at mending things. They don’t measure whether you’re arty or sporty, a musician or someone who really cares for other people. Although subjects like Maths and English are important, never forget you’ve been given talents in plenty of other areas too.

SATs are a bit like this cartoon…

Image result for remember the goldfish might fail at the climbing test


Thursday 3rd May

Today we had a very special little visitor! Mrs Durkan brought baby Orla in to say hello. The children enjoyed asking questions and playing with Orla, who gave us some amazing smiles! It was lovely to see them both looking so well and enjoying their time together.


Thursday 19th April 

Some Washburn girls have enjoyed representing the school at a tag rugby tournament today. They had a great time compreting against local schools, and got rather muddy in the process!



 Friday 23rd March

Washburn Class had a great time completing laps of the playground for Sports Relief. A few of us learnt an important lesson in pacing ourselves - there were a few exhausted faces after running lap one too quickly! Great fun for a great cause- thank you for all your sponsors! 


Thursday 8th March

The weather has caused a certain amount of disruption over the last couple of weeks! Those who made it into school in the snow have enjoyed researching and designing Maya masks and reading activities for World Book Day. This included visiting the Reception children to read with our buddies - and to look at their fabulous costumes! Please remember, if your child stayed at home due to the bad weather, and had prepared a costume - email school a photograph for our World Book Day display!



Thursday 22nd February

This week Washburn class have enjoyed creating their own science games. They have used thier knowledge of the parts and functions of the circulatory system to design and make board games, which we will play next week. 







Thursday 8th February 2018

In P.E lessons, the children have been learning about Maya dance. They have composed their own dances and used percussion instruments to accompany the dance moves. 




Thursday 25th January 2018

Washburn Class enjoyed the opportunity to take part in some maths activities for the new Erasmus project. They created a diamond nine; ordering areas of learning in mathematics from least to most important and investagted different ways we can calculate the same problem. They even had the oportunity to say 'hello' to the other countries via webcam!

Thursday 18th January 2018

Year 6's new year was off to a flying start, as we travelled to Robinwood in Todmorden for our two night residential. The children all had an amazing time: they conquered fears; worked together in their teams and enjoyed displaying some fantastic skills. Behaviour was excellent and they represented the school and their families superbly!






Friday 15th December

Washburn Class spent time with their Reception Buddies this morning. They enjoyed decorating biscuits together using icing and various sprinkles! I think the best part, and they all agreed, was eating them afterwards. The children are creating lovely bonds with their buddies and always enjoy opportunities to share activities.





Thursday 30th November

This half term we have furthered our existing knowledge of electrical circuits. We have investigated how to make a bulb brighter by adding more power and have also made circuits in series and parallel. We then planned and carried out our own investigations.





Friday 17th November

We have been enjoying working with different partners in our maths lessons lately in Washburn class. The children have enjoyed rising to the challenge and working together to solve some tricky fraction puzzles.





Thursday 2nd November 

Last half term we enjoyed visiting our reception buddies and sharing their favourite books. 






Wednesday 18th October 

This week we have linked our writing with our topic 'Crime and Punishment'. As we are writing balanced arguments, to generate 'for and 'against' points, we held our own court trial. We discussed key roles such as 'prosecution', 'defence' and 'witness', then held a formal trial.

The children really enjoyed this role play opportunity and impressed me with their ability to be hot-seated on the 'stand' and to listen carefully. This generated lots of ideas for our writing - I'm looking forward to the outcome!  



12 October 2017

Today we had our Curriculum Meetings for parents to let you know what and how we teach, and how you can help at home.  You can find the presentation below.

PDF icon  Year 6 Curriculum Presentation


Wednesday 11th October

Washburn Class have been learning about light this term. This week they investigated refraction and the spectrum. They shone light through prisms and observed how this split the light into the different colours of the spectrum. This is exactly how Isaac Newton discovered that 'white light' is made up of many colours!



Wednesday 27th September 2017

This year Washburn Class are learning to play the cornet. They have had a very successful couple of lessons and even played their first tune today! Mrs Eddison is very impressed with their playing skills so far.