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Washburn Class

23rd May 2019

Following on from our learning in relation to Kensuke's Kingdom, Washburn class have taken inspiration from the front cover of the book. The artwork is based upon artist, Hokusai's, Great Wave painting. Using water colours and fine tip pens, we have created our own Great Wave paintings.  


9th May 2019

Over the past half term, Washburn class have been reading Kensuke's Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo. We have been using the book as a stimulus for our writing. So far, we have written a balanced argument, a 'dramatic scene' and we are just beginning to write a newspaper article.

The children are absolutely hooked by the book and this enthusiasm has then transferred to their writing, here are some extracts from their superb 'dramatic scenes'.


Michael was enveloped by the dark, indigo sea, gasping for air as the black hole of the current dragged him beneath the water into its gaping mouth. Feeling shocked, Michael was savagely being slammed into the arctic ice-cold water. Panic-stricken, the relentless waves were smashing into his fragile bones as he struggled to float above. Unknowingly, he fell into a deep slumber…

Brad S


Falling into the dark, freezing depths of the ocean, Michael felt as though he was being put into an icy grave. Kicking his legs and frantically throwing his arms in an attempt to get back to the Peggy Sue, he remembered his mum, dad, Eddie and his precious football… that was it; he could see the football floating near him. As he reached out and grabbed it, a terrible thought came to him… Sharks! What if they were coming for him? He went under again; a layer of salt encrusted his eyelashes and he could taste it through his cracked lips. The wave’s raw power launched him like a cannon ball from left to right.

Mikey B


Towering waves shadowed over him, making him feel trapped. The startling shock of lightning loomed above in the clouds. Desperately gasping for air, he struggled to stay above the water. Spinning and turning, he violently crashed against the waves as clouds circled above. Sinking down, down into the arctic water. He was isolated. Trapped. Slowly losing consciousness, he drifted further into the tempest, frantically swimming to try and keep his face above water.

Tilly W



24th April 2019

Over the last half term, Washburn class have thoroughly enjoyed their badminton sessions from the Leeds United sports coaches. For many children, badminton was an entirely new sport and skill to learn and it was fantastic to see the progress they made over 5 short weeks. The children learnt how to perform a range of different shots and increased their accuracy when taking part in a rally with a partner.

17th January 2019

Year 6 had an absolutely fantastic few days at Robin Wood last week, what a way to begin the term! It was brilliant to see many children push themselves out of their comfort zones, work as a team and overcome their fears. Now we're back in the classroom, it is evident what an impact the trip has had on some children who have returned full of confidence. Well done Year 6, you impressed us all!


15th October 2018

This week we have begun our art topic of 'portraits'. For our first lesson we have looked closely at the proportions of the face and how we can try and sketch different facial features realistically and the correct size. Have a look at how we got on!


We are now going to focus on self-portraits and how we can use shading and colour to give depth and dimension to a drawing. 

26th September 2018

What a fantastic start to Year 6 Washburn class have had! All the children have really hit the ground running and have settled well into all the new rules and routines. All children have been setting a superb example, helping their buddies in Reception learn the 'Valley View Ways'.

One new aspect of school life is our '1k a day' run where we are aiming to start running 1km around the playground everyday. Here are some pictures of us enjoying the fresh air on our run yesterday.