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Humber Class

11th July 2019

This half term, Year 3 are investigating light and shadows as part of our science topic. This week, we carried out an experiment to see which type of material reflects the most light. 



27th June 2019

On Monday, Year 3 visited the Etz Chaim Synagogue in North Leeds. They had a great time learning more about Judaism which added to the learning we have been doing in the classroom.


13th June 2019

As part of our topic on the artist Monet, Humber class have used a stippling effect to recreate one of Monet's famous water lillies paintings.  Monet's paintings are on a large scale so everyone in Humber class had a turn at helping to create our own version.




22nd May 2019

Humber class have really enjoyed their chess lessons this year, I think we have some grand masters in the making!




8th May 2019

Last week, Humber class performed their class assembly. They showed the rest of the school and their grown-ups everything they'd been learning about forces and magnets and inventors and scientists. The school even got to meet a character from our story, Rosie Revere, Thomas Edison and Marie Curie. Well done Humber class, it was a brilliant performance!


25th April 2019

To celebrate Easter, we performed poems about the Easter cross. We analysed the poem and discussed what makes a good performance. The children then worked in groups to plan their performance and presented it to the rest of the class.



28th March 2019

Humber class have been inventing machines to help them tidy their bedrooms. They created moving posters, using levers, to show the inventions.



7th February 2019

Last week Year 3 went on a visit to Leeds City Museum. We learnt about mummification and got to see a real mummy! We also got to make our own amulets to use in the mummification process and explore the rest of the museum.


24th January 2019

This week we've started to divide using the partitioning method. It's tricky so we've used lots of practical equipment to help us.


10th January 2019

Our first topic in 2019 is the ancient Egyptians. The children have been enjoying learning about where Egypt is and when the ancient Egyptians lived. Yesterday, they researched what life was like in ancient Egypt. We will be finding out lots more about our topic over the next few weeks.


13th December 2018

Yesterday, Year 3 put on an amazing performance of 'The Stars Come out for Christmas.' All the adults in Year 3 are so proud of how hard all the children worked to say their lines loudly and clearly and learn all the words and actions to a lot of songs! Well done Year 3!


29th November 2018

This week in Humber class we have recited some poetry. We discussed what makes a good performance, practised in groups and then performed to the rest of the class.



 15th November 2018

To complete our topics on Stone Age to the Iron Age and Rocks and Soils, Humber class have made Bronze Age style clay pots. We used the Bronze Age method and then decorated the pots in a similar style to an artefact we have in school.


25th October 2018

As part of our topic on rocks and soils, Humber class carried out an investigation on soil permeability. We took soil samples from around the local area and in the Yorkshire Dales and observed how long it took for water to pass through. The sample that let the water through the quicker was the most permeable.




11th October 2018

To start our new book, The Pebble in my Pocket, we went outside to find a pebble to hold while we listened to the story. Our pebbles could have been on as fantastic journeys as the one in the story!


20th September 2018

Humber class' first topic is the Stone Age to the Iron Age.

We created a human timeline to show how long ago the Stone Age was in comparison to the present day and more recent events like the children's birthdays. The Stone Age was right at the other end of the playground from 2018!