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Valley View Community Primary School

Aire Class 2017-2018

Aire Class 2017-2018


14 May 2018
This week we had Stay and Play in Aire Class.  Some mummies and daddies came to join us and see what we get up to in class, how we learn and also to have a sneaky look at how the chicks are growing!


We love it when our grown ups come in and share our learning with us!















10 May 2018
We are finding it hard to contain our excitement (that's just the staff, never mind the children!).  The chicks have finally hatched!  I think we may have an all time record.  Eleven of our 18 eggs have hatched into chicks.  The children are so excited by this, and have been writing letters and cards to them, drawing pictures and writing captions, as well as writing Chick Diaries.  We will keep the chicks for a few weeks until they start to sprout wing feather and Mr Richards starts to worry about fluttering setting off the security alarms!  After this they will go back to the farm.






3 May 2018

This week we have been reading the story The Little Red Hen. We wrote some instructions for making a jam sandwich, then we had a go at making them. They were delicious, yum yum!



20 April 2018
We have been working so hard over the last half term to design, sew and stuff our very own teddies.  They are finally finished!  We are very proud of ourselves!






















22 March 2018
A few wet lunchtimes have driven us stir crazy of late, but a quick burst of Jumpstart Jonny on the interactive whiteboard wakes us all up.  Just look at us go!!!






If you would like to try out our moves at home: https://www.jumpstartjonny.co.uk/



8 March 2018
Despite nearly being snowed off again, we did manage to celebrate World Book Day today.  Our Year 6 buddies came down to read to us - what a treat - individual storytime!






22 February 2018

We have been working on representing numbers this week in maths.  The children have found so many different ways to show a number: using their fingers, using objects, arrays, adding two numbers together, and some children added three or more numbers together, writing the numeral, using coins.  Florence and Brooke even did some subtraction to show their number.  The most important part of what we did was the talking about it and the children showing us their understanding of number.  What a great maths week!





22 January 2018


Today we investigated a real fish!  Freddie had been fishing with his family and caught a fish, and kindly brought a couple in for us to investigate.  The children were intrigued, fascinated and disgusted in equal measure!  We talked about the importance of hand washing, and then they thought of some great describing words to explain what the fish felt like.









11 January 2018

Happy New Year!

This week we had our first 'Stay and Play' session. The children showed their grown up around the classrooms and showed them what they like to do when they are at school. They loved showing off what they have learnt! Thank you for those adults who were able to come. 





14 December 2017

In Aire Class we have been learning about the 'First Christmas' whilst we practise our Nativity performance. We did an amazing job at performing to our grown ups, they were all so proud.

One day we all sat together and made Christmas hats for our Christmas Lunch. Even the teachers ate with us!




30 November 2017


It has been Cultural Week in Reception and we have done some fantastic new activities. We have experienced 'making' tea and coffee and made some delicious scones, we know this because we got to eat them! Even on a cold and wet day we had such fun learning how to Maypole dance. 



16 November 2017

It has been Anti-Bullying week and we have been learning how to be good friends and to accept one another regardless of our similarities and differences. We have embraced this by playing with different friends from Arram Class and tried to be good sharers and involve others to in our games. 





3 November


Aire Class have been practising their writing. This week we have been learning about fireworks and bonfire night. Lots of the children have created their own firework pictures and have even attempted to label what they have drawn. We have been extremely impressed. Some children have created a picture using different materials in the Funky Fingers area and also used the iPad to create a firework picture. I have to say, they all look fantastic! 







16th October 


This week we have been learning all about Diwali, the Festival of Lights. We looked at the story of Rama and Sita and what it represents. The children have been very engaged and have enjoyed acting out the story especially Ravanna, the ten headed and twenty armed demon! 
We took time looking at Rangoli and Mehndi patterns and made our own in the writing area.





20th September 


We have had an extremely exciting day in Reception today, we found a toad! Ms Fotheringhame kindly put it in a box so we could all take it turns to look at it. It created much talk around toads where we discussed what they eat, where they live and how they move. The children took in turns to describe what they could see. 
Both Reception classes, (Aire and Arram) and Nursery all went outside where we let the toad free. 






12 October 2017

Today we had our Curriculum Meetings for parents to let you know what and how we teach, and how you can help at home.  You can find the presentation below.

PDF icon  Reception Phonics and Reading Presentation

PDF icon  Reception Writing Presentation

PDF icon  Reception Maths Presentation


26 September 2017

In Aire Class, we have been busy settling into school life. We have learned lots of new things; ordering our own lunches, meeting new friends and playing with the big children in the playground! Last week we sang Incey Wincey Spider and the Animal Fair for all our grown ups in the Big Hall and we even decorated the cupcakes for everyone. 










20 July

This week we have said goodbye to the chicks. We were very excited when they hatched and have really enjoyed watching them grow! 

29 June

Today the children were asked to write about anything they wanted to for morning work. We had lots of interesting writing, including this piece about seeing Donald Trump! Please remember to put any interesting writing your child does at home on Tapestry!

20 June

The warm weather has given us lots of opportunities to learn outside this term, and we are not the only ones who have been enjoying our outdoor area! We have found some interesting mini beasts!

18 May

We have had lots of fun using the beebots this week. We have been busy making instructions for our friends to follow and have had fun trying to negotiate the beebots around obstacles.


5 May

We have been learning how to halve, double and share objects in reception class. It has been very tricky but we have been working very hard.


20 April

We have had lots of fun outside this week. We have been bust building obstacle courses and balancing and jumping with our friends. We have been making talent shows and impressing Miss Fiddes with our singing, acting and dancing. We even found a huge spider and enjoyed counting its legs and watching it move. What an exciting week!

28 March 

We have had a fantastic time in our new role play area this week. We have all enjoyed having our hair done and the children have been busy designing and writing about new hair trends. They have even been using money to pay. 





9 March

We have enjoyed looking at stories and books this week in Aire Class. We have read stories with our friends, had a go at writing about our favourite stories and made story maps.




9 February 2017

We have been working hard all term in Aire class to earn our class treat. The children decided that they wanted to make chocolate. First we tasted some different chocolates and sweets to decide what kind of chocolate we would like to make. Then we washed our hands and talked about how it is important to have clean hands when preparing food. We broke the chocolate into pieces and put it in the microwave. I showed the children the timer and we waited for the chocolate to melt. The children told me that the chocolate would be hot when it came out of the microwave so I used an oven glove to take the chocolate out and we all had a turn at mixing it. We chose our fillings and put them into ice cube trays and then carefully spooned the melted chocolate on top. When the chocolate had set we tasted our chocolates. They were delicious!



26 January 2017

This week we went on a winter walk around the school grounds. We found some frosty things in the playground and talked about how the trees now have no leaves on. We had lots of fun looking at the seasonal changes.


17 January 2017

We have been practising our sounding out this week in Aire Class.  The children had to put a vowel in the middle of the consonants, sound it out and say was it a real word or a nonsense word?



14 December 2016

We were sooooooo proud of all our Reception children this week.  We were treated to their fantastic singing, dancing and speaking as they performed "Shine Star, Shine" for us.



*Proud teachers and proud parents.*


2 December 2016

Christmas has come to Aire Class this week.  The children have been enjoying using the iPads to make Christmassy pictures.  They have learned how to take photos of themselves, and then how to decorate and "improve" them using an app called Doodle Buddy.  They also practised their letter formation and fine motor control by writing their names.




2 November 2016

We had our Reception Curriculum Evening tonight.  Parents and Carers were invited to look around the classrooms and have a play, as well as hearing about what and how we teach.  If you were unable to make it, you will find a link below to the presentations we shared. If you would like further information, please let us know.

PDF icon  Phonics and Reading

PDF icon  Maths 

PDF icon  Writing

PDF icon  Tapestry