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School Games News 2016-2017


School Games News 2016-2017  

Year 4 Sports Afternoon

Leeds West Academy 12.7.17

The whole of year 4 spend an afternoon at Leeds West Academy. They participated in a variety of activities organised by Year 10. They had a very enjoyable afternoon in the sun. It was great to see so many children involved and the two schools working together.


Wake and Shake City Final

Ralph Thoresby High School 11.7.17

Our Year 2 Wake and Shake team represented West Leeds in the City Final. They performed their routine brilliantly and got a huge round of applause from the audience and judges. They didn't win the competition but their attitudes and enthusiasm were amazing. They represented Valley View brilliantly and we are very proud of them for getting so far in the competition. Well done Year 2!


West Yorkshire Games

Leeds Beckett University 7.7.17

Our Golf team represented Leeds in the golf competition at the West Yorkshire Games. They competed against teams from Kirklees, Calderdale, Bradford and Wakefield. They performed superbly to finish in 2nd place! This is our best sporting result ever and we are very proud of our team! Well played golfers!


Leeds West Academy 6.7.17

A team of children from Year 6 played some friendly rounders games with local schools. They fielded and batted really well to win and draw their games. Well played Year 6!


Golf Competition

Priesthorpe 26.6.17

A team of golfers from Year 5 and 6 participated in the West Leeds Golf competition. They played some amazing golf to win the competition! The team will now represent the city of Leeds in the West Yorkshire Games. What a fantastic achievement! Well done golfers!



Gymnastics Festival

Gym Magic 23.6.17

Some members of our Year 5 and 6 Gym Club performed in a Gymnastics Festival at Gym Magic. They have worked incredibly hard in Gym Club to choreograph their own routine and they performed it brilliantly. They picked up two awards, one for the best starting position and one for the best finishing position. If you would like to see the routine, they will perform it again at our Summer Fair on 20th July! Well done Gym Club!



School Games Day 2017

Valley View 21.6.17

The whole school took part in our Sports Day today. Everybody was involved and Year 6 helped run the event.  The school was split into 4 teams England, Poland, Czech Republic and Bulgaria. The races included running, hurdles, skipping, sack, egg and spoon, relays and three-legged. The competition was the closest we have ever had, the Czech Republic ended up winning by a single point!




Bramley Olympics John Charles Centre for Sport 20.6.17

Three teams of children (Y2, Y3/4 and Y5/6) and a squad of cheerleaders had an amazing afternoon at the Bramley Olympics. All 9 Bramley schools competed in a very exciting event. Our teams performed their very best and supported each other brilliantly. When all the points were added together we were the overall winners. What a fantastic achievement! We are proud of everybody involved. Well done Team Valley View!





Year 2 Rainbow Club

Leeds West Academy 15.6.17

A group of children from Year 2 had a fun session at Leeds West Academy trying out lots of different events. They had a go at throwing, running, balancing, skipping and dribbling activities. Well done Year 2!




St Bart's Cup

John Charles Centre for Sport 15.6.17

A football team made up of girls from Years 5 and 6 played in a huge city wide competition. The girls represented our school brilliantly. They won, drew and lost their games. A special well done to Leah who scored 4 goals in one game! Fantastic!



Year 5/6 Girls Rugby

Stanningley Rugby Club 14.6.17

Two teams of girls from years 5 and 6 had a great afternoon playing rugby at Stanningley.  A lot of the girls had never played before and went along to have a go! Their skills improved greatly over the afternoon and  they won some of their games. Well played girls!


Brownlee Triathlon

John Charles Centre for Sport 26.5.17

A group of children had a very exciting afternoon with the Brownlee brothers!  They took part in a mini triathlon by swimming in the pool then cycling and running around the track. They all had a brilliant time! Well done to all involved.


Year 5/6 Golf

Leeds West Academy 25.5.17

Two teams of children tried out golf with some local schools. They had a go at a variety of putting and driving activities. For many it was the first time they had ever played golf. They had a great time and their skills improved over the evening.




O.A.A Activity Day

John Charles Centre for Sport 23.5.17

Five Year 6 children went to John Charles Centre to take part in some outdoor adventurous activities. They had a brilliant time and even won a prize for the school in Archery! Well done Year 6!


Year 5/6 Cricket

Leeds West Academy 18.5.17

Two teams of Year 5/6 girls played in a friendly competition at Leeds West. A lot of the girls had never played before and went along to have a go. Both teams learnt a lot over the evening and played some great cricket. They won some of their games and they represented the school very well. Well played girls!


Year 5 'This Girl Can' Day

Leeds Beckett University 18.5.17

A group of Year 5 girls had an exciting day at Leeds Beckett trying out a range of sports. This included cricket, handball, skipping and obstacle course. They had a great day out! Well done Year 5.




Year 5/6 Cricket

Leeds West Academy 4.5.17   

Our cricket teams played some great cricket in a friendly competition with local schools. Two of the teams won both their games. A special well done goes to the boys from our school who showed tremendous sportsmanship to join with boys from Raynville to create a third team, which also played really well. A very good evening of cricket, well done boys



Year 6 Football

Priesthorpe 3.5.17

Our Year 6 football team competed in the area final at Priesthorpe. They got off to a good start drawing their first game. The next two games were incredibly close with only a goal separating the teams. Unfortunately they did not qualify for the semi finals but we are very proud to be in the top 8 schools in west Leeds. The boys have had a fantastic season and should be very proud of what they have achieved


Year 3 Cricket

Alwoodley Cricket Club. 3.5.17

A team of Year 3 children played in their first ever cricket competition at a Alwoodley Cricket Club.  Their cricket skills improved tremendously over the day as they became more familiar with the game. Their attitude was fantastic even when they lost games. They represented the school brilliantly. Well played!



 Year 4 Rugby

Leeds West Academy 25.4.17

So many children in Year 4 wanted to play rugby we had to take two teams to this event! Both teams played some fabulous rugby, in their first ever competition. They finished the evening in 1st and 3rd place. Well played Year 4!



Year 4 Skipping Festival

Leeds West Academy 24.4.17

A team of 30 children participated in a skipping event competing in  individual and team events. They won a variety of gold, silver and bronze certificates. They also performed a fantastic whole team routine to music. Well skipped Year 4!

Year 2 Rugby

John Charles Stadium for Sport 21.4.17

A group of children had a fantastic morning trying out lots of rugby related activities. They worked alongside other schools and even got to meet the mascots. This was the first time they had represented Valley View and we are very proud of them all.




Year 5/6 Rugby

Leeds West Academy 19.4.17


Two teams of Year 5/6 children competed in a friendly competition against local schools. They played some exciting games to finish the evening in 2nd and 3rd positions. The best game of the night was when they played each other. They played it with great attitude and sportsmanship showing Valley View at it's best! Well played everybody!

Year 4 Football

Leeds West Academy 30.3.17

A team of Year 4 children played against 5 other schools . They worked very well as a team supporting and encouraging each other. They played some fantastic football, winning 2 games and drawing 2 games. Well played Year 4!


 Year 4 Football

Leeds West Academy 23.3.17

A team of Year 4 children played in a competition with 4 other local schools. For many of our team it was the first time they had ever played football for the school. They played brilliantly to win and draw most of their games. Their behaviour and sportsmanship were fantastic. Well played Year 4!


Wake and Shake

Leeds West Academy 22.3.17

A team of Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 children participated in a Wake and Shake competition against local schools. Wake and Shake is an aerobics exercise designed to get children active and alert and ready for their learning! Both teams devised fantastic routines and performed them brilliantly. Key Stage 1 won their competition and will now go on to represent West Leeds in the City Finals in July. Fantastic!

You will be able to see both routines at our Sports Day in the Summer term.




Year 6 Football

Leeds West Academy 16.3.17

Our Year 6 boys played the final league competition of the season against 7 other schools. They played incredibly will and got off to a great start winning their first game 6-0. They went on to win and draw all their remaining games without conceding any goals. They finished the league as runners up, one point behind the winners Stanningley. The boys have therefore qualified for the 'Champion of Champions' competition and will play all the other qualifying schools from the west. Well done boys, we are really proud of you!



Leeds West Academy 9.3.17

A group of girls from Year 5 tried out some different activities at Leeds West Academy. The photographs show the girls playing goalball. The children were blindfolded and had to listen carefully to hear a ball with a bell in. The idea if the game is to score a goal by rolling the ball past the other team. This game is played by people with poor eyesight in the Paralympic Games. Our girls played really well, well done!





Year 2 Skipping Festival

Leeds West Academy 27.2.17





 A group of our Year 2 children participated in a very exciting skipping event at Leeds West Academy. They competed against local schools in different skipping related events. The children had a fantastic afternoon and won a number of gold, silver and bronze certificates. Well skipped year 2 and well done to Summerfield who were the overall winners!


Leeds West Academy 23.2.17

Six children from Year 5 tried out some different multiskills events at Leeds West Academy. They had a go at golf, boccia, goalball and curling. They had a lot of fun and learnt a lot of new skills.




Leeds West Academy 2.2.17



A team of Year 4 and Year 5 children played in a tennis competition at Leeds West. The children played some great tennis over the evening. A special well done goes to the Year 4 girls who won all their games. Well played team!


Cross Country

Priesthorpe 1.2.17

A team of Year 6 boys, Year 5 boys and Year 5 girls competed in a cross country competition at Priesthorpe. The course was very long and muddy and our children showed great resilience to complete it. They all ran their very best and we are proud of them all. Well done to everybody involved!



Leeds West Academy 26.1.17

Our Year 6 netball team played in the Cluster Finals at Leeds West Academy. The girls played some great netball and were narrowly beaten in their games in a very close competition. They finished in 4th position, as there are nine schools in our cluster we are very pleased with this result.  Well done to Hollybush who won the competition and are through to the next round.




Leeds West Academy 19.1.17

A group of Year 6 girls played in a competition at Leeds West Academy. For some of the team this was their first competitive game ever! They picked the rules up really quickly and scored some fantastic goals. Well done girls!



Year 2 Athletics

Farsley Celtic 19.1.17

Twenty children from across Year 2 participated in a Sportshall Event at Farsley Celtic alongside 4 other schools. This was their first ever sports event for Valley View. The children tried out lots of different throwing, running and jumping events.

They showed some great skills and had a fantastic time. Well done Year 2!




Leeds West Academy 12.1.17

After working hard in their tennis lessons in P.E. a team of Year 4 and a team of Year 5 children played in a friendly tennis competition at Leeds West Academy. The children showed a lot of resilience and their tennis skills improved greatly over the night. A special well done goes to the Year 5 boys who finished joint first in their event.




Leeds West Academy 15.12.16

A team of Year 5 and 6 boys played in a competition against five local schools at Leeds West Academy. The boys have been working hard at football club and they played some fantastic football. They won their group and went on to win the final after a very close game against Whitecote. Well done Valley View!



School Games Gold Award


Exciting News!  Valley View has been awarded the School Games Gold Award 2015-2016.  This is in recognition of all the amazing sport, training, teaching, coaching and participation that goes on in our school.  We must extend our special thanks to Miss Jones (ably assisted by Miss Hitchen) for all her hard work that keeps us all active.  As you know at Valley View, we are always willing to have a go and try something new.


Girls' Football

Leeds West Academy 8.12.16

A team of year 5 girls played in a friendly competition at Leeds West against 3 local schools. The girls played well, supported each other and scored a lot of goals, which they celebrated with some fantastic celebrations! They were a credit to the school and a pleasure to take out. 

Well done girls!



Priesthorpe 24.11.16

For the first time ever we entered a football competition 'The Road to Wembley' organised by Leeds United. We took a team of Year 6 boys to Priesthorpe where they played 10 matches! After a very tiring afternoon the boys finished around the middle of the results table after winning, drawing and losing some games. The boys represented the school brilliantly and some of the football they played was fantastic. Well done boys.



Year 6 Athletics News

Priesthorpe 16.11.16

A team of Year 5/6 children participated in a sports hall athletics competition at Priesthorpe. Our team was amazing and ran, jumped and threw further than ever before! The competition was incredibly close, we finished in 3rd place, just 2 points behind second place! A fabulous team effort, we are proud of our achievements and the way the children represented the school.



Leeds West Academy 10.11.16


A team of year 6 children competed in a friendly athletics competition at Leeds West Academy. Everybody ran their fastest in the races, with two fantastic races from Izzy and Ella being the highlight! The field events were great too. Well done Year 6!


Year 6 Rugby

Stanningley 3.11.16 


So many children wanted to be involved in the rugby competition we entered 3 teams. It was fantastic to see so many children from one class competing, for many of the children it was their first ever rugby event. All our teams played well and scored some fantastic tries and their rugby skills definitely improved over the afternoon!


Year 4 Girls' Football

Farley Celtic 2.11.16



A group of Year 4 girls played in a friendly football competition at Farsley Celtic. It was the first time the girls had ever  played or the school.  They worked very well together and showed great enthusiasm and team spirit.  They scored some great goals and their tackling was amazing! Well done girls!


Year 6 Cheer-leading

Leeds West Academy 20.10.16

A group of year 6 children participated in a cheer-leading workshop at Leeds West Academy. Well done to the boys who went along and joined in really well.  We are so proud of our children and the way they will have a go at new sports and activities!



Leeds West Academy 17.10.16

Year 6 played in their first netball competition at Leeds West Academy against local schools. They had a great night wining 2 and drawing 2 games to finish in joint first position. A brilliant start to the season! The competition resumes after Christmas where we will play for a place at the Leeds West Academy cluster final.



Year 6 football

Leeds West Academy 13.10.16

Our football team continued their league competition at Leeds West winning and drawing their games. They played some amazing football and worked incredibly well as a team. They scored some great goals and had some near misses hitting the post several times.  The league will resume after Christmas. We are currently in second position, just 2 points off the top.


Cross Country



On Wednesday night a group of Year 6 children ran in a cross country event at Farnley Academy. They showed great determination to complete the long course and the effort they put in was fantastic. We are so proud of them and the way they supported each other, especially the boys who finished 4th out of 11 teams. Many thanks to all the parents who came along cheer them on; we were definitely the best supported school there!


Go-Karting and Archery

Leeds Activity Centre 6.10.16

A group of Year 6 children had an exciting evening at Leeds Activity centre. They joined 6 other schools to try out some different activities. Our children tried go-karting and archery. They had a great time and represented the school brilliantly.


Year 6 football

Leeds West Academy 29.9.16


Year 6 kicked off the football season with a brilliant performance at Leeds West. They played some fantastic football to finish the evening in third place in the league. The competition resumes in 2 weeks time where we will hope to build on our great start.


Table Tennis

Leeds West Academy  22.9.16


A team of Year 5 children took part in a table tennis event at Leeds West Academy. They carried out a number of challenges then went on to play some games against other schools. Their table tennis skills improved greatly over the night and they even managed to win some games! Well done Year 5!